TravelBamboo Boat Halong Bay: A Journey to experience Vietnamese culture

Bamboo Boat Halong Bay: A Journey to experience Vietnamese culture

Bamboo Boat Halong Bay is a wonderful experience for tourists visiting Halong landscapes. So what makes Bamboo Boat Halong Bay so attractive to tourists? The following article by Paradise Vietnam will help you answer this question.

What makes a bamboo boat ride in HaLong Bay is a must-try experience?

There are countless forms and travel packages serving tourists coming to Halong Bay. However, among those forms, Bamboo Boat Halong Bay is the most popular. So what makes this form so attractive to tourists?

Experiencing Vietnamese culture

Bamboo has long been a typical image of the Vietnamese Fatherland. Meanwhile, bamboo boats were the means of transportation for ancient fishermen. Therefore, this is considered one of the traditional cultural features of Vietnamese people.

Joining Bamboo Boat Halong Bay, visitors will experience this unique culture. Most of the time, visitors will sit on traditional bamboo boats. Experiencing Vietnamese culture has made this tour popular.

The boat is made in a special way so it can go through narrow water paths and find pretty parts of the bay that are hard to see. It’s a boat made out of bamboo and it’s rowed by local people. It can fit up to 12 people, which makes it a fun and close experience for tourists.

Easily explore natural heritages

Halong Bay is a famous world cultural heritage of Vietnam. Many tourists come here to enjoy the majestic natural landscape of this place. But if you choose a cruise ship, you will somewhat lose the natural inspiration when visiting. Therefore, Bamboo Boat Halong Bay has become the top choice for tourists.

Sitting on boats made from traditional natural materials will make visitors feel closer. At the same time, it also makes enjoying natural heritage more comfortable and authentic.

If you go on a bamboo boat in Halong Bay, you can see even more of the beautiful Halong Bay. These boats can take you to calm and peaceful lagoons, go through dark and mysterious caves, and explore hidden parts of Halong Bay where you can see incredible natural sights.

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As you sail smoothly in peaceful water, with tall rocks all around, you will feel very calm and peaceful in this beautiful place.

Moreover, visitors can also learn to drive a boat during the tour. During that time, you will have the opportunity to mingle with nature and capture beautiful moments.

Experience a tourist attraction by Bamboo Boat Halong Bay

Bamboo Boat Halong Bay offers visitors a tour around Halong Bay. So during the trip, what landscapes will you experience? Below, Paradise Vietnam will help you summarize the locations on this trip.

Ba Hang area, Halong Bay

Sitting on a bamboo boat, tourists will follow the water to reach the beautiful Ba Hang area. This is an ancient fishing village located right inside Halong Bay. This place attracts tourists by its towering islands and deep caves.

Joining Bamboo Boat Halong Bay, you will have the opportunity to visit this area. Visitors to Ba Hang will experience a charming, poetic and rustic landscape. In addition, you will also witness the year-round life of fishermen here traveling on boats.

Luon Cave, Halong Bay

One of the interesting places in Bamboo Boat Halong Bay that cannot be ignored is Luon Cave. People who come here must admit that Luon Cave is a masterpiece of nature. The beauty of Luon Cave is perfectly arranged by nature.

Coming here, you will see the clear blue water and clear, romantic sky. Every cliff and every tree branch here contributes to this beautiful picture. This is also the reason why many people choose Bamboo Boat Halong Bay to visit this place.

Cua Van Fishing Village, Halong Bay

If you love simple, simple landscapes, Cua Van fishing village is a great choice. During the Bamboo Boat Halong Bay journey, you will pass by and visit this traditional fishing village.

This place has a simple, ancient beauty. imprinted with traditional coastal culture. The houses at the foot of the mountain contribute to the simple yet warm beauty of this place.

How to join the Halong Bay bamboo boat activities

Bamboo Boat Halong Bay is an extremely interesting tour and attracts tourists. However, many people do not know how to participate in this trip. If you are still wondering about this issue, please refer to the following information.

Paradise Vietnam Cruise – 3 days and 2 nights

If you want to join Bamboo Boat Halong Bay then Paradise VietNam Cruise is the best choice for you. Paradise VietNam offers visitors a 3-day 2-night or 2-day 1-night tour of Halong Bay. During the entire journey, you will sit on a bamboo boat to admire the beautiful scenery here.

Furthermore, compared to other services, the costs at Paradise Vietnam are much more optimal. You will be provided with bamboo boat service as well as meals during the trip. Furthermore, local activities such as squid fishing, watching sunrise and sunset, practicing tai chi, cooking lessons, etc. also included in the itinerary.

If you don’t have a lot of time, you can take a day trip to Halong Bay. There are different options for how long you want to be on a boat and what activities you want to do. You can go on a shorter 4-hour cruise, or a longer 6 or 8-hour cruise that includes a fun bamboo boat ride.

These day trips let you see the amazing beauty of Halong Bay and make the most of your time. Therefore, if you want to experience Bamboo Boat Halong Bay, do not hesitate to choose Paradise VietNam Cruise.

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Other interesting activities of Paradise Vietnam Cruise in Halong Bay

Besides admiring the natural scenery, participating visitors can also experience many other interesting activities. Activities such as boating or fishing are favorites of tourists.


Kayaking is the most popular activity among tourists when participating in Bamboo Boat Halong Bay. This is considered a “specialty” that every visitor to Halong Bay must try. After sitting on a bamboo boat admiring the scenery, you can choose to kayak.

Visitors who choose this activity will be instructed on how to row a boat as well as provided with safety equipment. So you can safely row your boat on the water and enjoy the natural landscape.

Furthermore, the cost of this activity is also very reasonable. You can row by yourself or in a group. We guarantee that rowing on the clear blue water will bring you unforgettable memories.

Cave visiting

Besides boating, visiting caves is also an interesting activity of Bamboo Boat Halong Bay. Halong Bay has long been famous for its countless beautiful caves. Even though you haven’t been there yet, you’ve probably heard at least one of the names of the caves here.

Some famous caves here include:

  • Dau Go cave
  • Sung Sot Cave
  • Thien Canh Son Cave
  • Virgin Cave
  • Trong Cave
  • Luon Cave

Joining Bamboo Boat Halong Bay, you will have the opportunity to visit most of these caves. You will see beautiful structures as well as characteristic limestone formations. The beauty of these caves amazes visitors when they visit.

Squid Fishing

The last but not least interesting activity of Bamboo Boat Halong Bay is squid fishing. Especially when you will experience the feeling of squid fishing when night falls. Visitors will be able to follow the fishermen on their boats to go fishing.

Experiencing the Bamboo Boat Halong Bay – Paradise Vietnam Cruise

Besides, the caught squid will also be processed on the spot. Visitors will be able to taste the fresh flavor of the squid they caught themselves. This is considered one of the most interesting activities when coming to Bamboo Boat Halong Bay.

Halong Bay is unquestionably a destination that has the power to captivate one’s imagination and leave them mesmerized by its unparalleled splendor. Embarking on an expedition aboard a bamboo boat to explore this enchanting bay is an opportunity for an extraordinary encounter.

By skillfully maneuvering through hidden grottoes and uncovering secluded lagoons, a bamboo boat excursion allows for a deeper understanding and immersion in the irresistible allure of Halong Bay.

Above is all the information about Bamboo Boat Halong Bay that Paradise VietNam wants to share with you. It can be said that this is quite an interesting form of tourism when it comes to applying Vietnamese culture. Hopefully what Paradise VietNam shares has helped you understand more about Bamboo Boat Halong Bay.