HealthBe On The Lookout For These Summer Injuries  

Be On The Lookout For These Summer Injuries  

For many people, especially kids, summertime is the best time of the year. After being cooped up inside their houses for the harsh and cold winter months, summer allows people to enjoy outdoor activities once again. However, this is also the reason why summer is the season with the most accidents and injuries. 

According to statistics, you are more likely to become a personal injury victim in the summer than at any other time of the year. The best way to avoid getting hurt is to familiarize yourself with common injuries so you can take preventative measures. That being said, speak to a Queens personal injury lawyer if you were hurt due to someone else’s negligence. 

Common summer injuries 

  • Water injuries. 

The summer season and water go hand-in-hand. Swimming, pool parties, boating, cruises, etc. are essential activities in the summer, which leads to an increased number of people in the water. Therefore, it also increases your chances of getting into a water-related accident. When you go swimming or on a boat ride, you do not expect your loved one to get severely injured, but accidents do happen. It is important to take precautions at all times. 

  • Weather-related injuries. 

The weather itself in the summer season can cause injuries, such as a heatstroke or a sunburn. The sun during the peak summer months is strong and can harm your skin, even increasing your chances of skin cancer. It is important to always wear sunscreen every time you step out. Dehydration is another common summer problem. Make sure you drink an adequate amount of water and other fluids. 

  • Car accidents and motorcycle injuries 

When it comes to car and motorcycle accidents, the rainy and winter months are mostly blamed. While it is true that accidents are more likely to happen on wet, slippery, and icy roads, the summer season witnesses an increase in vehicles on the road, which in turn increases your risk of getting into an accident. Here are some common reasons for car accidents in the summer:

  • More tourists and travelers
  • More young and inexperienced drivers are on the road
  • More people are on the road, resulting in more cars, bikes, pedestrians, etc. 
  • Sports-related injuries. 

Although sports are played all year round, most people are likely to step out for football, basketball, tennis, etc., in the summer months. So, that makes summer a time prone to sports-related injuries, such as sprains, fractures, strains, dislocations, broken bones, concussions, etc. To avoid the risk of an injury, stretch before you play and wear protective gear. 

If you were injured due to another party’s negligence, hire a personal injury attorney today.