NewsBest synthetic urine - Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine is the Clear Winner

Best synthetic urine – Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine is the Clear Winner


  • Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine is the best artificial urine that acts as a detox product to fake the drug urine test results.
  • The product meets all-natural urine’s physical and chemical quality standards, making it the perfect choice for customers.

Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine (SU) is a laboratory preparation to imitate normal human urine. Also known as artificial urine, it has gained immense popularity due to its ability to pass several drug tests at the workplace or under other such conditions where the use or misuse of drugs is contraindicated. The best synthetic urine can help you pass drug tests, including marijuana, cannabis, and other such addicting substances.


A few of the other applications of artificial urine are;

  • Standardized laboratory testings
  • Research purposes
  • Educational utility

One of the best fake pees is an Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine kit that has passed thorough urinalysis testing and is identified as the nearest possible imitation of natural human urine.

Best synthetic urine

The Supreme Klean Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine kit is carefully prepared by professionals using cutting-edge laboratory technology. These artificial urine batches are available in liquid form and are robust to produce 100% successful drug test results.

The unisex fake urine has a heating mechanism and is like normal human pee regarding its color, PH, temperature, and smell. This makes it the best undetectable choice for a fake drug test.

Components of Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine

Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine by Supreme Klean is a premixed kit that contains urine components in the exact ratio to match the natural pee. Some of these include;

  • Urea
  • Uric acid
  • Creatinine
  • Nitrates
  • Sulfates
  • Sodium phosphate
  • sodium chloride
  • Distilled water

These and the other necessary chemicals prepare a clear urine-colored solution. The liquid matches all-natural urine’s physical and chemical properties, such as the PH, specific gravity, creatinine ratio, color, etc.


Factors considered while making the synthetic urine

The imitated urine is prepared in a highly controlled industrial setting to meet the intended quality standards. The liquid urine is premixed and ready to use. A few of the key physical and chemical parameters that are met during the synthesis of this artificial urine are;

  • Creatinine levels
  • Urine color
  • Urine odor
  • PH levels
  • Specific gravity
  • Microbial balance
  • Male/female hormones
  • Stability
  • Preservation

All these factors make it a top brand of synthetic urine kit with a 100% success rate.

Pros of using Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Kit

The Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine kit takes the lead and is the clear winner when looking for the best synthetic urine. It is created with a formula used for lab testing and benchmarking.

A few of the distinguishing features of this product as compared to the other competitors are;

Complex Biocide Free Formula

Ultra Pure Artificial Urine is the most balanced and convincing toxin-free formulation that helps you fool your drug test at work. Unlike many other synthetic pee formulations, Ultra Pure is “biocide-free.” This enables the product to pass even the advanced testing procedures.

Brand reliability

Supreme Klean manufactures synthetic urine and is backed by many related industries. The customer satisfaction offered by Ultra Pure Urine makes it a unique and customer’s choice product. The brand proves its reliability by offering a guaranteed 500% money back if the intended drug test fails. The brand has a 100% customer satisfaction score with many positive reviews.

Near-to-perfect formulation

When searching for the top artificial urine kit, look no further than the perfect Ultra Pure ready-to-use urine. The product has a well-researched formula that readily imitates human urine and needs no update, like many other companies in the market. Top professionals carefully design the formula, matching the human pee as nearly as possible to deceive the drug tests. The PH (4.6-8), color (pale yellow to amber), and all other physical and chemical parameters are satisfied by the customers.

Higher shelf life

The fake urine comes up with easy storage considerations. When carefully maintained, the product has a shelf of 2 years. Ultra Pure Fake Urine needs no refrigeration and has an instruction leaflet indicating that no refrigeration is required to store the kit. Keep the premixed bottle away from extreme warm or cold conditions. Also, protect it from moisture to make it last as long as stated in the bottle to increase the chances of succeeding in the drug misuse test.

A heating pad or heat activation powder

Nowadays, drug testing labs only accept urine samples with a natural urine temperature of almost 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep your worries aside, as this top-notch synthetic urine comes with a heating pad to assist you in attaining the required temperature. The procedure is simple: attaching the bottle’s heating pad with a rubber band. Use the given temperature for convenient temperature control, and boom! Your test is passed.

Unisex Urine

Ultra Pure takes its customers’ pain and provides the advantage of being unisex urine. The formulation is synthesized considering the correct ratio of testosterone and estrogen; hence can conveniently be used for both men and women without any hassle. Realistic urinalysis tests are conducted to prevent the DNA detection of the detox product as well.

Readily Available for purchase

Whether you are a new or an old customer, finding the Supreme Klean Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine kit is no longer an issue. Artificial pee is readily available in the market as well as online. The company also offers home delivery in as many quantities as you want. The product is available in 2 oz and 4 oz customer-friendly bottles that are quite easy to use and hide, protecting your privacy concerns.

Reasonable price

The highest quality product is available at a very reasonable price. The company aims to provide the best test results, meeting or exceeding the quality standards without charging you extravagantly. This makes it the best synthetic urine on the market. Along with quite affordable rates, this fake urine also offers a 500% money-back policy if you fail your test.

Look no further than this clear winner among all the synthetic urine kits and get these amazing benefits.

Prepare for a Urine drug test Using Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine

Do you have your drug test coming soon? Don’t panic, and prepare for a urine drug screening with us. Follow the following stated guidelines and the instructions mentioned on the test kit to get your intended results;

  • Prepare in advance for the drug screening. Start making yourself calm and mentally prepared before one or two weeks.
  • Practice using the synthetic urine kit to reduce any chances of failure.
  • Appear as much naturally as you can to avoid any suspicion. Walk with confidence and look as less nervous as you can.

How to use Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Kit

  • Shake the bottle well to ensure a uniform mixing of the product.
  • Microwave the artificial urine for almost 10 seconds before leaving for the testing laboratory. Avoid extra delays as the temperature may get altered.
  • Activate the heating pad in the kit and attach it to the bottle with a rubber band.
  • Use the temperature strip at the bottle to maintain the temperature between 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t have a microwave available, place the heating pad on the bottle for almost 45-60 minutes to help achieve the intended temperature.
  • Your Ultra Pure Synthetic Kit is ready to use. Pour the urine in the lab immediately into the sample bottle.
  • If not required immediately, the kit can be kept under the recommended storage conditions for up to 2 years.

Ways to Hide the Fake Urine Kit

A few of the additional tips to hide the fake urine kit and to increase the chances of accuracy, safety, and passing the test are;

  • Tape the sample: In non-observant conditions, taping the sample to the penis or vulva in males and females, respectively, can help you fake the test.
  • Conceal the kit properly: Conceal the fake pee kit behind your zipper properly and practice walking with it. Remember, any awkward moment may make you look suspicious and increase the chances of getting caught.
  • Use warmer: If the testing lab is far from your home, use a hand warmer to keep the urine temperature under control.

The best synthetic urine kit is recommended as it comes with usage instructions and superior quality. Buy an Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine kit to pass your test without extra attempts.


1. How long is urine good for a drug screening test?

Natural urine should not be kept for 24 hours without a refrigerator. This is because it can result in microbial contamination. Pure synthetic urine can have a half-life of about 2 years and require no refrigeration.

2. How much urine is required for a drug test?

Depending on the kit type, an almost 30ml urine sample is needed for an accurate urine drug screening.

3. Can you reheat Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine?

The Ultra Pure Synthetic detox product can be reheated (if required) to meet the temperature that imitates the natural human pee temperature.