WebsiteBlockbuster Online: Showcasing Your Films with Impressive Website Themes

Blockbuster Online: Showcasing Your Films with Impressive Website Themes

There are many types of activities on the Internet when it becomes necessary to show video content. Today we present crucial information about creating more than just an online cinema. These tips and recommendations also suit bloggers, beginning actors, advertising agencies, production studios, and many other companies. Create an excellent, convenient, and pleasant website from scratch with the help of a properly selected CMS, good hosting, and a movie website theme. These three components help the quick and successful launch of the project. Read the article and start taking action.

What Is CMS And How To Select The Best Option

The content management system is an admin panel for the site, where users create new sections and add commercials, films, and other materials. Also, through this cabinet, people can edit the appearance of websites and other essential actions.

There are several excellent CMS with advanced functionality known in the world. Let’s consider the most interesting ones.

  • WordPress. This admin panel is the most frequently used in the world. At the same time, it’s popular among professionals and beginners. Thanks to the simplicity of the structure and design, it’s convenient. There are free and paid options. However, a free tariff is quite suitable for launching a project. You may change and upgrade the admin panel by buying a paid variant anytime.
  • Shopify. This option is suitable for online stores. Users get everything they need to start a business successfully. If the published video requires payment, you can successfully trade and give people access to download the file. However, the CMS is more prevalent among sellers of material goods. The reason is organized points of order delivery.
  • PrestaShop. The content management system also focuses on the sale of physical items. However, its more simple and looks less fashionable than Shopify.
  • Magento. This version is more suitable for experienced users, marketers, and administrators. If you have already dealt with some content management systems, try to master Magento as well.
  • HTML without CMS. Such a scenario of working on a new project is suitable for experienced programmers. At the same time, it’s necessary to master the skills not at the initial level but at least at the middle class.

As you see, WordPress is the best choice for beginners. If you have programming skills, you may master any option.

How To Choose Hosting For A Movie Website Theme And Site

It would help if you remembered several factors affecting the selection process.

First, pages contain a large amount of information. You’ll show at least 100 different materials to the visitor. It doesn’t matter if it’s a movie, clips, commercials, reviews of new films or your filming of challenging tourist routes. Each of the uploaded files has a significant weight.

Secondly, you need to know approximately how many visitors you expect daily. Hosting must cope with a large load. Don’t save on this service because the web source may stop to open any time.

Thirdly, compatibility with CMS plays an important role. Some admin panels don’t even need such a service. For instance, Shopify and its basic tariff include hosting and a domain. All other CMSs require the purchase of these services.

Follow the link to see good examples for different needs. Ask the consultant if you need more clarification about the tariff to select.

What Is A Movie Website Theme

It’s the design of your site. Your visitors’ love for your movie theater, blog, or actor’s and director’s promo page depends on its appearance and ease of use.

The process of working with the product consists of the following steps:

  • Choice of design.
  • Purchase.
  • Installation on the site.
  • Adjustment.
  • Adding texts and images.

It’s worth learning the main features to apply them in practice:

  • Responsive is an excellent adaptive design that looks fantastic on different devices.
  • Cross-browser compatibility.
  • SEO-friendly – pages receive a structure and technical base understandable to search engines. As a result, they start ranking faster by Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Blog. In this section, you talk about the latest news of show business, incredibly successful shots from the Oscars or the Cannes Festival.
  • Forum. Here, comedy, westerns, or family series fans share their impressions of watching and recommend new clips.
  • Gallery. Buyers use this section at their discretion. For instance, people publish photos from the last seven days of filming the scenes, photo sessions of cinema stars, reports from the red carpet, or prestigious awards.
  • Sliced PSD. Individual details of the appearance can be easily correctable in Photoshop if this feature is present.
  • Dropdown Menu. The presence of many genres (action, comedy, thriller, horror, historical, documentary, etc.) should be systematized conveniently for new visitors.
  • Google map. It’s relevant if you have a recording studio, video production, advertising agency, or an artist’s PR office.
  • Sample content. For faster site filling, the authors show, for instance, where he located the text blocks. You need to remove the old text and add a new one.

You have high-quality movie website theme examples you may find on TemplateMonster.

Why The Responsive Movie Website Templates Free Download Are Dangerous

There are several reasons to pay money for a similar product. However, not all people think about what serious problems can arise when using free analogs.

First, some site details or even a block may disappear. No one is to answer you about defective work since such authors don’t provide support. The reason for the lack of support is small resources.

Secondly, the site stops working. For the layout to open correctly, it must be regularly updated and maintained. However, these works also require personnel and resources, which the creators of free movie templates don’t have.

Draw your conclusions. Try to make a profitable decision.

From Whom To Take An Example

There are well-known corporation giants in the market. We consider two firms in a short review.

Netflix is the most famous platform for viewing new series, movies. The company also offers to sponsor exciting ideas and scenarios at its own expense. The site design looks very stylish and dynamic. Among the colors, black, red, and white are mixed. The layout of the pages itself depends on which section you are viewing. A common feature is a modern, classic, and restrained style.

Disneyplus is a web resource with materials for adults and children. The company produces many successful films, series, and premieres. The color scheme is also dark. People see brand identity and adherence to corporate style in each element and detail. In most cases, online TV series viewing sites have a black or dark blue background. This approach is practical, as the owner wants to completely immerse you in considering the video’s plot and create the feeling of being in the cinema hall.

Which Movie Website Theme To Choose

The question is unconditionally multifaceted. We’ll focus on the successful, stylish, and well-made examples described above. So, below we’ll show the most exciting layouts we found on TemplateMonster.

Vistudio – Video Production. The product is more suitable for a film studio and its online presentation. Of course, buyers post quality materials for viewing and trailers of future films. However, the main emphasis is still on the quality of the provided services and qualified employees. The black-and-white color scheme looks concise, practical, and stylish.

Aster Cima is more suitable for people who want to create online cinema. Here we see blocks where you can place films and video content. The color scheme is also dark, with a predominance of blue.

See the complete list of layouts on the link. So, select the right and memorable style.


Today we touched on an important topic regarding the launch of the project. Try to develop an unforgettable project. Make it convenient to use, pleasant to open, and beneficial to watch your news.

Movie Website Theme FAQ

1.Where can I buy movie download website templates?

Please, find products and a large selection at TemplateMonster. There are no restrictions on what layouts to select. The main thing is that they have the structure, blocks, and style you need.

2.How to update the movie website templates free options?

This opportunity is available only to the author. Therefore, buying paid templates with support for long-term projects is better. Pay once and receive the help of a qualified specialist from a web development company.

3.Where to find movie website templates free download?

TemplateMonster also has items where payment isn’t required. However, remember the risks and make the right decision.

4.Who needs a movie website theme?

The product is needed not only by online cinemas. Among the customers, we often see bloggers with reviews and promos, actors to promote their image, models to demonstrate portfolios and top shots, and others.