BusinessBoost Your Business English Skills with an Online English Tutor and Useful...

Boost Your Business English Skills with an Online English Tutor and Useful Apps

In today’s digital era, geographical boundaries no longer limit the ability to conduct business. This reality has placed a spotlight on the importance of learning Business English, a critical skill for those aiming to broaden their professional opportunities. By taking classes with an online English tutor and incorporating some remarkable language learning apps into your routine, you can gain a significant advantage in your international business career.

What is Business English?

Business English refers to a specialized form of English language that emphasizes terminologies and communication skills used in different professional environments. Considering the current pace of globalisation, businesses are expanding rapidly beyond national borders, which makes proficiency in Business English more important than ever before. It allows individuals to comprehend, engage in, and capitalize on opportunities, negotiations, and presentations across diverse cultures and industries.

The advent of technology has made learning Business English considerably more accessible and convenient. There are countless online platforms and apps, including AmazingTalker, designed to assist you in mastering this form of English. With these tools at your disposal, you can greatly improve your business vocabulary, comprehension abilities, and conversational skills, thereby equipping yourself to successfully navigate the global professional landscape.

Why You Need to Improve Your Business English with FluentU

FluentU stands out as a groundbreaking language learning platform that uses real-world context via videos to help learners understand and utilize their target language in a natural and intuitive way.

Features and Benefits of Using FluentU

  • Engaging content: FluentU brings language learning to life through real-world videos covering a range of genres, including music videos, TED Talks, news, and more. This approach provides a unique and engaging language learning experience by immersing learners in authentic content.
  • Adaptive learning: FluentU tailors its learning environment to your unique progress and interests. It tracks your learning patterns and offers personalized assistance to help you overcome areas of difficulty, ensuring a learning experience that is as effective as it is enjoyable.
  • Interactive captions: The FluentU app features interactive captions that supply an image, definition, and helpful usage examples with a simple tap on a word. This feature facilitates comprehension and offers a nuanced understanding of a word’s usage in specific contexts.
  • Custom vocabulary lists: FluentU allows you to create custom word lists. This feature enables you to record and track the new words and idioms you learn, making review and reinforcement an easy task.

Enhancing Your Professional Vocabulary with One LinGo

One LinGo is an app specifically designed to bolster professional vocabulary and phrases. It’s an ideal resource for learning Business English, offering numerous features for vocabulary building and practice.

Features and Benefits of Using One LinGo

  • Specialized content: One LinGo offers content specifically tailored to Business English. Its comprehensive coverage of key areas such as marketing, finance, HR, and sales allows you to understand the jargon and nuances of various business sectors.
  • Vocabulary building: The app supports effective vocabulary building with specially themed lists containing business-specific words and phrases. These lists are prepared by language experts, ensuring you learn practical and relevant language.
  • Practice opportunities: One LinGo offers a multitude of quizzes and exercises to reinforce your learning. Vocabulary tests, listening exercises, and reading comprehension questions provide a comprehensive assessment of your understanding and application of Business English.

Keeping Up-to-Date with CNBC Business News and Finance

The CNBC Business News and Finance app is an excellent source for improving your Business English skills while staying informed about real-world business news from around the globe.

Features and Benefits of Using CNBC Business News and Finance

  • Authentic content: CNBC delivers real-time business news, exposing you to business terminology in a real-world context and effectively boosting your understanding of Business English.
  • Regular updates: The platform frequently updates its content, ensuring your Business English skills remain active and current. The more you read and comprehend, the more proficient you become in utilizing Business English.
  • Variety of topics: The CNBC app covers news on a variety of business sectors – ranging from finance to technology to real estate. This wide range of topics contributes to a comprehensive understanding of the business world, further enhancing your Business English skills.

Broadening Your Understanding with The Economist

A global leader in the news domain, The Economist, offers extensive coverage of global events, including economics, politics, and business. It is an invaluable resource for anyone aiming to learn Business English in an authentic and comprehensive manner.

Features and Benefits of Using The Economist

  • Quality content: The Economist upholds high editorial standards, offering detailed reports on global news. The accuracy of the content, intellectual stimulation, and insightful commentary contribute to a rich learning experience.
  • Vocabulary enhancement: The sophisticated language used in the articles can greatly enrich your Business English vocabulary. By decoding these complex texts, you gain the ability to understand and apply diverse vocabulary in various business contexts.
  • Detailed analysis: The Economist offers in-depth analysis that can be instrumental in comprehending intricate business concepts and recent trends. It provides insights into strategies used by successful companies and emerging trends, preparing you for insightful business discussions.

Learning from Qualified Tutors with AmazingTalker

AmazingTalker is a distinguished online language learning platform that connects you with qualified online English tutors (화상 영어) who specialize in teaching Business English.

Features and Benefits of Using AmazingTalker

  • Qualified tutors: AmazingTalker’s online English tutors undergo a rigorous selection process and are professionally qualified to teach Business English. They have a deep understanding of language teaching methodologies and techniques.
  • Personalized learning: The platform allows you to choose a tutor based on your specific learning needs and objectives. You can communicate your proficiency level, requirements, and goals to your tutor, who will then customize the lessons accordingly.
  • Flexible scheduling: AmazingTalker enables you to book lessons at your convenience. Whether you prefer early mornings, late nights, weekdays, or weekends, the platform is designed to accommodate your schedule.
  • Interactive learning: The one-on-one lessons ensure personalized attention and immediate feedback, enabling real-time correction and significantly enhancing the efficacy and speed of your learning.


In today’s globalized business world, learning Business English is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. It opens the door to various career opportunities and enables you to effectively articulate and implement your business ideas.

If you’re looking to boost your Business English skills, a combination of focused tutoring and engaging learning resources can yield the best results. Consider working with an online English tutor from AmazingTalker and leverage the various apps and resources mentioned in this article for a well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience. Remember, the journey of learning is continuous – so keep exploring, keep learning, and enjoy the process!