BusinessExploring Lucrative and Fulfilling Career Opportunities in AWS

Exploring Lucrative and Fulfilling Career Opportunities in AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) was among the first to provide certification courses that offered an outlook on cloud computing. Today, AWS is used in almost every industry, like Adobe, Airbnb, Fox, Nintendo, etc. AWS Courses provide a plethora of AWS Careers that are popular among IT professionals and some of the highest-paying jobs in the IT industry.

According to AlphaBeta Analysis, the demand for cloud services is expected to triple by 2025. This also explains the massive demand for AWS-certified professionals. If you, too, wish to earn a competitive salary, become AWS-Certified to land your dream job. Further, read this blog to explore the various career opportunities in AWS.

Table of Contents

  1. Why is AWS Certification necessary?
  1. What are AWS Careers?
  1. How to start on the AWS Career path?
  1. Are AWS Certifications worth the hype?
  1. Conclusion

Why is AWS Certification necessary?

There are several reasons why AWS Certification is necessary. Some of them are:

  1. Mega shareholder in the cloud computing market: AWS has a larger share in the cloud computing market when compared to its renowned competitors such as Microsoft Azure or IBM.
  1. AWS skills are in high demand: Since many industries have hopped onto cloud computing, it becomes important that one acquire the AWS skills that are highly demanded by these industries. This also opens many job opportunities for individuals just starting or professionals seeking to upskill in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).
  2. High-salaried job opportunities: Holding AWS certifications and skills help individuals attain some of the highest-paying job opportunities, ranging from £88377 to £155915.

What are AWS Careers?

Several AWS Careers are in high demand in the IT industry. They are listed below:

  1. AWS Cloud Architect: An AWS Cloud Architect is an IT professional responsible for creating a company’s cloud computing strategy. They are also responsible for establishing cloud administration, application design, and monitoring. Apart from handling the cloud architectures for the company, they are also responsible for evaluating and maintaining these applications, along with helping the senior management achieve the long-term goals and objectives for the company. The average salary of an AWS Cloud Architect may be £1,00,033 per year.
  1. AWS Cloud Developer: This IT professional will set up and manage the cloud infrastructure. Along with managing this infrastructure, they are also responsible for designing, developing, and analysing the companies’ cloud systems. They are also responsible for creating serverless applications and collaborating with the IT team to migrate the web applications to AWS. The average salary of an AWS Cloud Developer may be £62,347 per year.
  1. AWS Cloud Network Engineer: Choosing this career will require the IT professional to create, plan, and execute client-related cloud solutions. They also ensure the cloud network is in accordance with stakeholders and business owners. They must also implement effective cloud network security methods and monitor AWS resources with CloudWatch. The salary of an AWS Cloud Network Engineer may range between £35,000 and £85,000.
  1. AWS Cloud Security Engineer: Cloud Security Engineers are responsible for analysing any threats that may affect the cloud and creating new features to fulfil all the security requirements for the company. They mostly investigate threats and detect potential ones. Apart from these responsibilities, they are also responsible for managing cloud cryptography and data encryption. They create secure private clouds for businesses and stakeholders. The average salary may be £70,000 per year.
  2. AWS DevOps Engineer: The AWS DevOps Engineer will be responsible for designing AWS solutions and implementing servers so there are no system discrepancies. The average salary of an AWS DevOps Engineer is £60.208 per year.

How to start on the AWS Career Path?

There are short and easy steps that help you start on the AWS Career path. They are:

  1. Learning AWS Fundamentals: These fundamentals will help you learn the basics of AWS complex cloud computing architecture concepts, content delivery, and DNS services. Also, the cloud computing concepts will build a solid foundation for a career in AWS.
  1. Validating AWS skills with AWS Certifications: Learning AWS skills is not enough. Having AWS Certifications will help build the individual’s technical skills and knowledge.
  1. Networking: To truly get an all-round knowledge of the cloud computing market, networking with already established AWS experts and peers will help the IT professional have a complete practical outlook on cloud computing.
  1. Building portfolios: During AWS Certifications and after the completion of the same, care should be taken that there are ample and varied portfolios so that it becomes easy for IT professionals to gain exposure in the cloud computing market. The AWS projects that have some of the best ideas can help an individual get noticed by companies if they include them in their portfolios.

Are AWS Certifications worth the hype?

To get an opportunity at one of the high-salaried jobs, these AWS Certifications will help you achieve just that. Several AWS Certifications may be undertaken depending on experience and the nature of the IT professional’s career path. They are:

  1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner,
  1. AWS Certified Developer-Associate,
  1. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator-Associate
  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate
  1. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer-Professional,
  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Professional,
  1. AWS Certified Database- Speciality
  1. AWS Certified Advanced Networking: Speciality
  1. AWS Certified Security: Speciality
  1. AWS Data Analytics: Speciality
  1. AWS Certified Machine Learning: Speciality
  1. AWS Certified: SAP on AWS (Speciality)


The Cloud Computing market is one of the highest-grossing and in-demand markets. To build a successful career in Cloud Computing, training in AWS Certifications and acquiring AWS skills opens a plethora of opportunities, including some of the highest salaried job opportunities.