Beauty TipsEye Shadow Application Guide To Get Beautiful Eyes: 7 Styling Tips

Eye Shadow Application Guide To Get Beautiful Eyes: 7 Styling Tips

Adding a pop of colour or shimmer to the lids dramatically enhances your gaze. It adds incredible depth and definition to the eyes, making them look more magnetic. However, perfecting this eye-catching (based on the occasion/personal preference) is no piece of cake. It requires an intuitive understanding of colour schemes, infallible techniques, and the best tools for smooth execution!

If you are new to using eye shadow palettes, don’t fret. We are here with an exhaustive and easy-to-follow guide for eye shadow application. So, keep scrolling through!

  1. Never Skip Prep:

A flawless base is indispensable for easy-breezy eye shadow application. We recommend adding a thin, even layer of concealer to the lids before you go all out with the eye shadow. Serving as a primer, the concealer preserves the colour of the formulation and adds to its longevity. It also prevents creases or folds in the eye shadow, making you look fabulous throughout! Alternatively, you can use a regular primer to ensure that the eye shadow stays intact.

  1. Pick The Right Tool:

As tempting as it may seem, refrain from using your fingertips for eye shadow application! Use a set of brushes, which allows for an even distribution of the product across the lids. Use an angled brush to crack the cat eye, a pencil brush for soft smoked-out eyes, a stamp brush for targeted pigment or shimmer placement, and a fluffy brush for blending. Every brush has a use! Additionally, using brushes minimises contact between your hand and face, which otherwise could lead to contamination.

  1. Pick The Right Palette:

If you are new to eye makeup, we recommend working with a 4-colour palette. They are beginner-friendly, not create unnecessary confusion (with too many options). Additionally, you should ensure how the different hues meld into the skin – formulation should be blendable and buildable to help you create an array of looks.

Also, factor in the hues basis your personal style and mood!

  1. Base Perfection:

Now bust out your eye shadow palette and add the base colour to the lids. If you’re going for an everyday look, stop at the crease. Otherwise, you may apply this base colour to your brow bone. The base colour will vary depending on the look you have envisioned for yourself.

Pro-tip: Use the eye shadow brush to scoop the colour onto the bristles. Next, tap the brush against the palette’s lids to prevent blotchy application on the lids.

  1. Add Depth And Dimension:

Next, dip your brush in a deep (preferably brown) shade and sweep above the crease. Use a matte shade and meld it upwards to avoid sharp, rigid lines. This move will add incomparable depth to your eyes and make the gradient look natural.

Alternatively, if you have hooded eyes (extra skin under the brow bone which hides the lid) – use the brush to sketch a curve or a faux crease. Use this as a reference point and repeat the steps mentioned above. Use the same colour and brush along the longer lash line for a natural look.

  1. Tightline Your Eyes:

Now that you have aced the base, it’s time to apply eyeliner. This formulation, when applied strategically, can create the impression of brighter and bigger eyes. If you struggle sketching lines with a liquid concoction, go for a gel pencil. This nifty stick guarantees the colour saturation of a liquid and the grip of a regular pen. Now, start from the edge of your eyes (where the lash and waterline meet) and sketch an almost-there strobe. Make sure that it’s not too thick! Repeat this process on the second eye. Once your eyeliner is on and dry, use a volumizing mascara to coat your lashes. We recommend waterproof formulations that cover and separate every single lash to help create an illusion of super lush lashes.

  1. Get Some Glitter Action:

For the final touches, add a dusting of glitter to your lids. Ensure that the colour isn’t too jarring and belongs to the same colour family (as your base). If you don’t wish to use a helping of glitter all over the lids, use a stamp brush to place a morsel at the corners of your eyes. This manoeuvre opens up your eyes, making them look brighter than ever.

Pro-tip: As there can be considerable fall out from applying glitter on the lids, do this once before staring with your base (face).


The perfect eye makeup can elevate your ensemble by 10X. But perfecting a natural-looking infusion of colours on the lids is no piece of cake. It demands the right technique and tools! If you are new to using eye shadow, we walk you through some tips and tricks to style your eye shadow.

Start by investing in the right palette and brushes. Refrain from using your fingertips for eye shadow application or blending. Not only is this move unsanitary but also leads to the accumulation of the product in random spots. Prep your lids with a concealer or a primer to prevent creases or folds in the eye shadow. This preliminary step also retains your eye shadow’s colour intensity on prolonged wear. Now, use a base colour to fill your lids all the way to the brow bone. Next, summon a deeper shade and sweep the brush upwards to create an organic gradient. For the final touches, use a shimmer shade on the lids or the corners of the eyes for a brighter gaze.