BusinessHouse Mouse: a Comprehensive Guide to Control and Prevention

House Mouse: a Comprehensive Guide to Control and Prevention

Are you tired of a mouse infestation in your house? Can’t take it much longer and look for a way to get rid of them? If you do, you are in the right place. That’s because, with my extensive research and real-life expertise in mouse control, I have come up with several methods that will help you to get rid of all mice from your house. Therefore, let’s begin with my comprehensive guide on house mouse control.

1. Contain All Food Sources

Almost all houses have mice, whether limited in number or not – and you are already bothered with them, I assume. And the last thing you need is more mice. So, don’t do anything that attracts more mice.

The most crucial thing that you need to keep in mind that don’t be careless with food in your house if you want to get rid of all mice. That’s because food sources attract them. Be sure to contain all types of foods in jars or containers.

At the same time, you also need to be careful with pet foods since those will bring mice to your residence. Avoid keeping pet foods out in your house for longer periods of time.

2. Remove All Nesting Materials from the House

Another way to control the mouse population in your house is by hiding all the soft nesting materials so that the mice don’t find them and start nesting. Mouse prefers soft materials such as blankets for nesting. That’s why you need to make sure to contain those and make sure mice don’t find them as well.

Mouse also chews paper, cardboard, and lightweight plastic as well. Thus, you should also consider taking care of them so that mice won’t breed in your house. All these things should be stored in a contained location far from the reach of any mice.

3. Seal All Entry Points

Mice basically enter a house so that they can stay protected from the harsh weather and dangers of the outside world. When the temperature drips, it’s the most usual time for them to enter any home. Mice usually enter a house through various entry points on any house. Those entry points could be holes, sliding, and doorways.

4. Natural Mouse Repellents

One of the most effective ways to get rid of mice from your house is by using natural mouse repellents. Since mice are known for their great sense of smell, this can be used to your advantage. There are several natural repellents that will make sure no mouse will enter your house, such as apple cider and water, fabric softener sheet, and hot pepper solutions.

5. Get a Cat

Cats are the natural enemies of mice. So, when you have a cat in your house, it will make sure no mice will infest on your house. Cats will simply get rid of all mice from the house without making any move at all. At the same time, cats are great pets too.


These are the most effective ways to control and get rid of mice in your house. I can assure you these methods will work since I have tried those on my house as well. And if the infestation is too much, you must consult with pest control.