TechnologyIlluminating Possibilities: Exploring the Arkfeld Pro EDC Flashlight's Triple Light Functions

Illuminating Possibilities: Exploring the Arkfeld Pro EDC Flashlight’s Triple Light Functions

The Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight is a unique solution that integrates three different light sources into a single, compact instrument, making it stand out in a world that prioritises functionality and versatility. The Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight is more than simply a torch; with the power of white light, UV, and green laser at your fingertips, it’s a multifunctional tool that opens doors to endless uses.

Product Information

There are various versions of the Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight available, each intended to meet distinct requirements and tastes. There’s an Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight that fits your style, whether it’s the eye-catching vivid Orange, or timeless Black. There are two laser versions of the product available: Class 1 and Class 3R.

With dimensions of only 4.72 inches in length, 1.06 inches in width, and 0.62 inches in thickness, the Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight is a compact yet powerful travel companion. With its lightweight design of 3.91 ounces, this item is ideal for adding to your collection of Everyday Carry (EDC) items.

Triple Light Functions

The Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight is unique in that it offers three different light sources. The first is the OSRAM P9 LED-powered high-performance white light, which has an amazing maximum brightness of 1300 lumens. This torch is great for a variety of uses, such as finding your way down a dimly lit path, looking for misplaced objects, or just needing a steady supply of light.

The UV LED, a LUMINUS SST-10-UV with a wavelength of 365–370 nm, is the second light source. With a wavelength of 365 nm, conventional UV lights don’t offer the same purer, more polished UV light experience as the Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight. It’s perfect for a variety of tasks, including mineral identification, cleanliness assessment, and counterfeit detection.

The 520nm green laser module is the last but not the least. Depending on the model, it is a Class 1 or Class 3R laser. The torch gains a new dimension with the addition of a green laser, which makes it possible to point accurately and useful for a variety of outdoor activities, presentations, and pet interactions.

Simple Use and Unique Design

The Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight has a stylish and practical design. It’s a stylish addition to your EDC and very comfortable to handle because to its flat body and unique wave wheel design. You can easily adjust to various conditions by switching between the three illumination modes thanks to the simple circular picker.

The battery level indicator is one particularly notable feature. Your flashlight’s five-level battery indicator lets you always know how much power is remaining in it. This guarantees that you won’t ever find yourself in the dark unexpectedly, providing you comfort when going on outdoor adventures or dealing with crises.

The magnetic charging module that facilitates MCC charging makes charging the Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight a smooth process. This makes it easy to fasten the torch to metal objects and guarantees that you have light where you need it.


  1. Triple Light Functions
  2. Compact and Portable
  3. High-Performance White Light
  4. Enhanced UV Light
  5. Green Laser for Precision
  6. Intuitive Circular Selector
  7. Battery Level Indicator
  8. Magnetic Charging Module
  9. Versatile Applications

Practical Applications

The triple light functions of the Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight provide a plethora of useful applications. Here are a few instances:

The Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight is a great addition to your Everyday Carry (EDC) collection. While the green laser is useful for pointing and signalling, the white light is ideal for routine chores.

Outdoor Adventures:

The Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight is a useful companion that can be used for camping, trekking, or any other outdoor activity. It may be used to point out objects or locations, give illumination, and even amuse your dogs with its green laser.

Enhanced UV light is a great tool for detecting contamination or cleanliness in a variety of settings, including kitchen surfaces and hotel rooms.

Counterfeit Detection:

The UV light on the Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight is a useful tool for spotting fake money and documents, as well as confirming the legitimacy of collectables.

Mineral Identification:

Prospectors and geology lovers will value the Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight’s UV light-based mineral identification capability.


Experts can utilise the green laser to precisely direct their audience’s attention to important points during their lectures.

Pet Interaction:

The fun laser beam is a source of unlimited pleasure for your furry pals, as both dogs and cats find it fascinating.


With its three light modes, the Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight expands the possibilities of what a torch may accomplish. It is a little yet effective instrument that may be used in a variety of settings, from routine duties to outdoor activities and business use. It’s a useful addition to your EDC gear because of its well-thought-out design and useful functionality. With the Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight, you’re holding a world of opportunities in the palm of your hand rather than just a torch.

  1. What are the Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight’s main features?

With modes for green laser, UV, and white light, the Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight is a multipurpose tool. It offers a green laser with a wavelength of 520 nm, an increased UV light with a 365 wavelength, and a maximum brightness of 1300 lumens. Additionally, it

  1. What uses is the Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight good for?

The multipurpose Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight can be used for presentations, outdoor activities, cleaning, identifying minerals, detecting counterfeit goods, and even interacting with pets. It meets a variety of needs with its three light functions.

  1. How long is the Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight’s warranty?

In the United States, Australia, Germany, France, and China, the Arkfeld Pro EDC flashlight is covered by a lifetime warranty. It is warranted for two years in other nations and areas. You can check the official website at for specific warranty information.