HealthIs Sleeping on a Foam Mattress Healthy?

Is Sleeping on a Foam Mattress Healthy?

When foam mattresses first came out on the market, everyone praised them for their comfort and ability to provide better sleep. So much so that most mattress brands shifted their focus from innerspring mattresses to these, vying for everyone’s attention. 

But nowadays, ideas are floating around if sleeping on a foam mattress is healthy or not. And if they could be a danger, what kind of foam mattress pose the gravest threat and which can be used for improved comfort and sleep? 

Read on to know if your foam mattress is slowly killing you. But first, let’s understand what it is and the different types of foam for mattresses available. 

What is a foam mattress?

A foam mattress is a type of mattress made from a low-density, sponge-like material called foam. These types of mattresses are relatively new but exceptionally popular as they adapt to the shape of the body, providing support and comfort by distributing body weight evenly. They can be soft or firm, depending on the type of foam used, and luxury or budget, suited to the varying needs of sleepers.

Initially, these mattresses were made from memory foam, which is known to offer better comfort and promote deep sleep. Today, manufacturers, such as Sleepwell, use special types of foam for mattresses for enhanced cooling, support, and pressure relief. Some may even combine different foam types to create well-rounded mattresses. This has further surged the popularity of foam mattresses. 

Types of Foam for Mattress

Whether sleeping on a foam mattress is good or bad depends on the foam type your mattress is made of. That is why understanding different foam types for mattresses is crucial. This will also help you know which foam is best for your mattress. 

Typically, foam mattresses were made from memory foam, which was developed back in the mid-1960s. Today, there are two foam types for mattresses: polyurethane (poly) foam and memory foam. There is a newer foam type called latex.

While poly foam and memory foam are somewhat similar in construction, they offer a completely different feel and sleep experience. 

Poly foam is known to offer a bouncier and springier feeling than memory foam. It also gives you better cooling than the latter. Most mattress brands use it as a layer in all-foam mattresses and the top comfort layer in spring mattresses. 

Memory foam has a deeper, more contour feel, letting sleepers sink into the mattress and feel that deeper hug. It is considered to relieve pressure points, promote comfort, and offer deep sleep. The term ‘memory’ refers to its ability to retain the body shape for a few seconds after being indented.

Is sleeping on a foam mattress good for health?

Most people prefer foam mattresses to other types for good reasons. Research shows that sleeping on medium-firm foam mattresses helps relieve pressure points by providing more cushion than other mattresses. 

Memory foam is particularly good at providing even pressure distribution and much-needed spinal support, alleviating back pain and body aches. It also offers more sinking-in or cradling feeling than poly foam, contouring to the body shape to promote better blood circulation. 

Foam mattresses also come in varying firmness levels, from soft to medium-firm to firm. So, if the soft top surface helps you sleep better or a medium-firm surface keeps your back pain at bay, foam mattresses are your go-to choice. 

That said, if there are so many good things about foam mattresses, why do people talk about them being health-deteriorating? Let’s see the downsides of most kinds of foam mattresses.

Foam mattresses retain heat

Most foam types for mattresses, especially memory foam, tend to retain heat. This happens because of their density and composition. This is one of the major issues that may impact your health in the long run. If you sleep cold, have a good air control system, or live in an area where summer tends to be cooler, this may not be a concern. But if you live in a hot climate, this can potentially be a lot uncomfortable, disrupting your sleep and degrading your sleep quality.

Many renowned mattress brands, such as Sleepwell, integrate design features that promote superior airflow and infuse cool gel beads into foam materials for better cooling performance. This keeps sleepers cool at night and lets them have a good night’s sleep.

Most kinds of foam mattresses off-gas

Most chemicals used in the manufacturing of foam are VOCs, short for volatile organic compounds. These elements break down fairly easily and leave an unpleasant odour, popularly known as off-gassing. This generally happens with new mattresses when removed from their factory packaging. While off-gassing does not pose any known serious threats, people susceptible to allergies or respiratory issues may find it troubling.

Most foam mattresses sag over time

With repeated use, most foam mattresses start to sink in, leaving permanent body impressions and losing their supportive properties. Continuing to sleep on a sagging foam mattress can lead to spinal misalignment, causing back problems and poor sleep quality. So, if you have a foam mattress that’s showing signs of sagging, consider buying a new foam mattress. 

Is a foam mattress right for you?

If you like a cushier sleep surface or sleep on your side, which research says is a sleep position most people spend more than half of each night in, foam mattresses can be a great fit. 

Foam mattresses may pose some problems with body temperature regulation. That said, you can avoid these problems by buying a high-quality foam mattress that comes with a superior airflow design or cool gel infused into it. 

Which mattress is good for your health, however, comes down to your sleep preference, body type, and health needs. If you like a firmer mattress that isn’t too heavy on your pocket, you might want to buy a poly foam mattress. If that deep hug feeling is how you imagine sleeping, memory foam is your answer. 

Whatever foam type for mattresses you choose, make sure to buy a premium quality mattress from a trusted brand. Brands such as Sleepwell use cutting-edge technology, such as innovative Neem Fresche and Sleepwell Resitec® foam and more, to enhance airflow, reinforce spinal support, and offer a plush top feel for the best sleeping experience possible.

Summing up

While you may wonder if sleeping on a foam mattress is healthy owing to concerns such as off-gassing, heat retention, sagging, and more, most people find it excellent for promoting deep sleep. As long as you buy a high-quality foam mattress featuring enhanced cooling, support, and pressure relief, you can rest assured that your mattress will offer refreshing sleep each night and keep you healthy.

Proper maintenance and timely replacement of your foam mattress is also crucial to ensure you continue enjoying quality sleep and keeping health problems associated with bad or old mattresses at bay. 

You should also pay attention to your sleep style, body type, and specific health to determine whether a foam mattress is the right material choice for you or not. If you buy  mattress online, remember to leverage sleep trials that most brands offer to finally determine the best mattress for your health needs.