TravelKazakhstan Payment System: Open A Corporate Account Online

Kazakhstan Payment System: Open A Corporate Account Online

Business owners need a corporate account that will work like clockwork and provide the services they need. However, choosing the proper jurisdiction and the right bank is not that easy: You need to take into account different factors, like the currency of payments, your home country, the location of your counterparties, possible payment amounts, bank fees, a possibility to work with cryptocurrency, for instance, and so on. With that in mind, we have developed a free service that will help you.

In this post, we will have a look at a Payment System Provider in Kazakhstan that offers a wide range of services at affordable fees. Read a longer article on how to open a corporate account in Kazakhstan on our portal and share your questions or doubts with our specialists. We are here to help you and inform you about a really good solution (we got good feedback from the customers who took this opportunity).

Visit our portal called International Wealth to find out much more about different jurisdictions suitable for corporate accounts and starting companies – and look at our turnkey packages that will help you get a corporate account (and even a company abroad) in no time without much hassle. We charge reasonable fees, and some of the services we provide come at no fee: for example, we will be happy to analyze your case and offer the best-suited jurisdictions where you can open a corporate account for your needs or register a company.

Kazakh Payment System

Open an account with a Payment Service Provider (PSP) in Kazakhstan to transfer funds to any country and receive payments from any bank. If you work with cryptocurrency, you will also be entitled to add it to your wallet and later convert it into fiat currency. We will assist you in opening a corporate account remotely and minimize the risks of being turned down – no matter which country you come from.

The international fintech company that will open an account for you has branches in Cyprus, Canada, Kenya, and Israel, and it provides the possibility of working with multiple currencies to a wide range of countries and territories (offshore territories and high-risk jurisdictions can take the offer, too). No matter which banking product you may require, the Kazakh PSP we offer is highly likely to have it for you!

Kazakh PSP: Basic Features

  • This is a licensed banking services provider whose activities are controlled by the Financial Services Authority in Astana (the capital of Kazakhstan).
  • There are almost no limitations to the countries whose residents are allowed to open an account online.
  • Payments can be made and received using banks or electronic wallets.
  • The Kazakh PSP issues and provides payment cards for the convenience of its customers.
  • Good news for those trading in cryptocurrencies: the payment system cooperates with a major crypto exchange platform, so buying and selling crypto will be easy.

The Kazakh PSP offers quite a lot to satisfy the majority of customers. However, if you need something out of the ordinary, you can contact us at all times and ask your questions, and the solution will be found in 100% of cases!

Services Provided by the Kazakh PSP

Take advantage of the following financial opportunities available in the Kazakh PSP system:

  • SWIFT transfers
  • Instant currency exchange
  • Debit and prepaid cards
  • Opening an account online
  • Convenient online banking
  • A blockchain module to trade in crypto and turn it into fiat currency

Companies Allowed to Open an Account with Kazakh PSP

The fintech company we propose opens accounts for companies engaged in different kinds of business: from IT and e-commerce to forex and gambling (that may be rejected in other banks and payment systems).

The Payment Service Provider has its black list and gray list of jurisdictions, though. If your company comes from Iran, Syria, or North Korea, you will not be allowed to open an account. And if you are on the gray list (Dominica, Seychelles, Malta – and a number of others available on our portal), you are allowed to use the PSP’s services, but you will be considered a high-risk company.

Documents To Submit

First of all, keep in mind that all documents (except for the application forms) need to be certified.

You are required to provide three groups of documents:

  • Corporate documents (like the Articles of Association, the Certificate of Good Standing, and so on)
  • Documents for the beneficial owner that is a legal entity (if the company is owned by a legal entity rather than an individual)
  • Personal documents for individuals that are owners and directors of the company

Our experts will provide an up-to-date list to you and thoroughly check all your documents to minimize the risk of being turned down.

Be prepared to provide additional documents as they are sometimes requested by the PSP.

The Kazakh Payment Service Provider retains the right to restrict sending and receiving payments to certain jurisdictions.

Applicable Fees

When you submit an application, your company is assigned a risk level: high, medium, or low. The fees, tariffs, and commissions will depend on this indicator.

For example, if we take the minimum deposit amount, a low-risk company can have only USD 1,000 in the account, while this amount equals USD 3,000 for medium-risk entities and USD 5,000 for high-risk ones.

If you are interested in a complete list, please follow the link to look at it in our longer article.

Additional Information on Tariffs

  • If the transaction is made after 16:00, you will be charged an extra fee of USD 250
  • Instant exchange of BTC into fiat money and back comes at an additional 15% to 18% fee to make up for the volatility risk

Safe Procedure of Online Account Setup with the Kazakh PSP

  • Click on the above link to our portal to see whether it is possible to open a corporate account for you with the Kazakh PSP
  • If the answer is positive, pay the cost of our services
  • Provide a complete package of required documents following our recommendations
  • We start the procedure of setting up an account for you
  • As soon as it is over, we will send the information to you to log in to your newly-opened account.

Do you have any questions or doubts about opening an account with Kazakhstan’s Payment Service Provider? Do not hesitate to share them with our experts by following the above link!