BusinessMastering the Art of Bathroom Layout Design With Barr Built Experts in...

Mastering the Art of Bathroom Layout Design With Barr Built Experts in Sydney

Believe it or not, your bathroom is the focal point of your house. This is one of those corners of your house that can either break or make the aesthetics.

Therefore, designing the perfect bathroom layout should always be the prime goal of every homeowner. Whether it’s about upgrading your bathroom or building from scratch, the perfect layout can make it a part of your house naturally.

Well, not everyone can craft the layout of your bathroom like you want it to be. As a result, you have experts like Barr Built to guide you through the process. With nearly two decades of experience, they can help you carve any layout you want.

Types of Bathroom Layouts

A perfect bathroom layout fits the aesthetics of your home and caters to the functionalities. Thus, you must customise and personalise the bathroom layouts to fit your needs.

Some of the most popular types of bathroom layouts that people choose in Sydney are as follows:

–        Full Bathroom

A complete bathroom layout is of two types- centre and side. The side layout for a complete bathroom has the sink, toilet and tub installed on only one wall. A centre full bathroom layout has the bathroom accessories in the centre so you can access it at your convenience. Thus, a centre full bathroom layout has a mirror and sink on one wall, with a tub and toilet on the other.

–        Three-Quarter Bathroom

You may craft a three-quarter bathroom if you have a small bathroom and want to increase the space. This is an ideal choice for apartment owners. The three-quarter bathroom usually features numerous strategically placed shelves alongside the vanity, sink and shower.

–        Half Bathroom

Half bathrooms are also referred to as utility bathrooms or powder rooms. The half bathrooms only feature a little space and usually have a sink and toilet. Your bathroom renovator in Sydney can help you position the fixtures in a proper manner, ensuring maximum utilisation of space.

–        Quarter Bathroom

Quarter bathrooms are often referred to as utility showers or closets. They aren’t usually installed in the house but are more of an extension. Unlike most bathrooms, the quarter bathrooms usually feature only one component, either a shower or toilet. Since these are installed outside the house, you wouldn’t have to enter the house to use a quarter bathroom

–        Master Bathroom

A master bathroom is the primary and the biggest bathroom in a house. Most master bathrooms feature exclusive features like linen storage, a whirlpool tub, a sauna and more. These are designed to ensure maximum relaxation and comfort to the user. However, you may add extra luxury features.

–        Jack-and-Jill Bathroom

The name may sound weird, but it is extremely functional and efficient. This type of bathroom is usually placed between two rooms and has an entrance door from both rooms. It features a toilet and shower along with one or two sinks.

–        Split/Split Entry Bathroom

A split entry bathroom features the entry and main area in one part of the bathroom, whereas the sink and toilet are attached to the other one. It is ideal for a situation where more than one person has to use the bathroom space.

–        Corner Shower Bathroom

The corner shower bathroom is usually installed in guest rooms as it features a small space. The corner shower bathrooms usually have the showers installed either in the centre or one corner to maximise space.

–        Accessible Residential Bathroom

The accessible residential bathroom is ideal for wheelchair users and is slightly bigger than the normal bathroom sizes. The extra space around the toilet allows for more effortless movement of the wheelchair.

Renovation Services for Different Bathroom Layouts by Barr Built

Barr Built is committed to delivering excellence to all its customers in and around Sydney. With a team of certified and licensed professionals, they provide top-notch craftsmanship and designs that are still unmatched in Sydney.

Having worked with numerous clients across Sydney, Barr Built has established a name for themselves in the market. This has all been possible because of their diverse field of work across different sectors, from small bathrooms to luxurious bathrooms. Even if you need a renovation across your apartment bathroom, Barr Built is available every step of the way to deliver what you want. So, ensure you convey your requirements from the initial stages.

Final Thoughts

Bathroom renovation can get extremely stressful when you have a layout planned but need a professional. Also, you need to know that not everyone can understand your requirements. Thus, choosing experts is what serves the purpose accurately. So, who else can serve you better than Barr Built? No matter what kind of layout you need in Sydney, Barr Built professionals have the necessary skills to build it. Step forward to getting the bathroom of your dreams with Barr Built. Contact them today to know more!