SportsNFL Stars Sporting Fine Haircuts and Delivering Fabulous Performances in 2023

NFL Stars Sporting Fine Haircuts and Delivering Fabulous Performances in 2023

There was a time when baseball was the US national sport, but in more recent years Americans have shown more love for football. Just like baseball, football gives citizens a vehicle to connect with others, whether in the US or abroad, and share their love of a particular team, and the organization has grown into one of the most popular sporting leagues in the world. 

Besides this sense of community among fans, there are several other reasons so many love the NFL so immensely. The physicality and strategy involved in the game is one. The massive presence of the NFL online, which allows fans to consume lots of engaging content is another. A third is the complete parity on the field and in the value of the teams, making for a more exciting league. Below are some of the players who have helped to make the NFL so exciting this season with their performances, plus a look at the fantastic haircuts hidden beneath their helmets. 

Patrick Mahomes 

Patrick Mahomes is the main quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs and has updated the classic mohawk with a fade, giving the hairstyle a sleek, ultra-modern look that hints at a slightly rebellious side. Want to go for an even edgier look but still be welcome in the office or other establishments? Ask your hairdresser for a low fade.

Mahomes is a reliable quarterback who, even on his worst days, still produces good form. This season, he’s completed 301 passes out of an attempted 444, thrown 22 touchdown passes and earned 3,127 passing yards. If you were to place a props bet on Mahomes or any other player in the NFL, you’d see the NFL player props markets reflecting their good form.

Travis Kelce

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end likes to change his haircut and facial hairstyles. Kelce sports a crew cut, a hairstyle of simplicity but also of elegance. At other times, however, he’s sported a disconnected undercut and achieved a highly contemporary look. There are no rules about how long or short your hair must be to pull it off, but to look modern and stylish combine it with a fade.

Out on the field, Kelce has been busy. This season, he’s chalked up 813 receiving yards, 74 receptions and 5 receiving touchdown passes. Kelce is one of those players who keeps getting better with time. His performance in Week 7 versus the Los Angeles Chargers outshone even that of Mahomes. Kelce posted points on the board with a first-half touchdown and, for the second consecutive game, earned more than 100 receiving yards.

Odell Beckham Jr

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver doesn’t do boring hairstyles and marches out onto the grid sporting an undercut with curls beneath his helmet. It’s unique. It’s creative. It’s classy. Better still, it’s also highly versatile. You can really emphasize the look with a tidy, curl fade, or go for a neat drop fade. You can also add blonde tips. 

Odell Beckham Jr’s service to his team is as outstanding as his haircut. Since he entered the NFL in 2014, he’s ranked among the top five in the major receiving categories. He’s also the only player in the Super Bowl era to have notched up more than 1,000 receiving yards in 12 games or less, which he achieved in season 2014 (12 games at 1,035 yards) and season 2018 (12 games at 1,052 yards). This season he’s posted 408 receiving yards, 27 receptions and 2 touchdown pass receptions. 

Lamar Jackson

Before Lamar Jackson surprised everyone by signing for the Baltimore Ravens earlier this year, he used to wear his hair in braids. Without them, he looked a little unkempt. Then he switched to curls with a parting in the center of his hair before the season started. It’s a look that suggests someone outspoken, courageous, playful and willing to challenge perceptions and norms.

Whether the Ravens quarterback would agree with that analysis, who knows, but he’s certainly not been playing around this season out on the grid. Jackson has put in some admirable passing yards so far, hitting 2,628 and completing 228 passes out of 334 attempts. Additionally, he’s posted 13 touchdown passes. Although there was uncertainty around the quarterback’s future at the Ravens, the club cleared it up earlier this year by announcing a five-year extension to his contract, so they’ll be plenty more good form to come for them.

NFL don’t just know how to throw, catch and run with the ball, and all the other moves a game of football entails. They wear their hair in stylish fashion. Other professionals who rock their | haircuts include San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy, who sports classic, short, side parted hair with minimal fade, and Tennessee Titans quarterback Will Levin, who boasts a wave-heavy top with a low fade on the side