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Online Notary – Find A Notary Near Me

Online notarization, also known as remote notarization, or virtual notarization occurs when a notary public witnesses a document signing over the internet rather than in person. There are many online notary services that offer this service. New York allows commissioned notaries to perform online notarizations for mortgage and real estate documents. They are required to use a platform provider that meets NYS standards.

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A remote online notary is a licensed notary public who can verify your identity and sign documents remotely via video conference. This technology makes it easier than ever to get your documents notarized and signed, even if you can’t leave home. In addition to being convenient for both parties, online notary services are safe and secure. If you are interested in becoming an online notary near me, there are some requirements you will need to meet. First, you will need to pass a state-approved exam. This exam is usually offered by your state’s Department of State or Secretary of State. Some states also offer it through a third-party test-taking company, such as Pearson VUE. The minimum score for the exam will vary by state.

Many people are now relying on online notary services for a variety of reasons. This has become particularly true during the COVID-19 pandemic, as social distancing protocols and shelter-in-place orders made travel difficult. In fact, a growing number of states now allow — or will soon allow — remote online notarization (also known as RON). To obtain a document notarized online, you simply upload it to the Notarize network, provide your name and ID, and connect with a licensed notary public through a live video conference. The notary will then witness your signature and assist you with any additional tasks as needed. The process is easy, fast, and safe.


eNotaryLog is an online notary service that offers remote online notarization. Their process is simple and secure. The user must verify their identity using a government-issued ID, answer a few knowledge based authentication questions, and provide the document they need to have notarized. Then, they will be connected to a licensed notary who will verify the signature and seal it to make it tamper proof. All of their notaries are state licensed and insured, so you can be confident that your documents will be safe and secure. The company was founded in 2019 by James Mitchell and Joseph Bisaillon, who combined their legal and software development expertise to create eNotaryLog. The company provides clients with intuitive dashboards and customized tools to help them manage their online RON processes. Their platform has been tested for compliance with New York State regulations, which are critical for a successful eNotary transaction. The company also uses an IdenTrust digital certificate to provide a strong layer of security for the eNotary session.

eNotaryLog’s platform is used by thousands of individuals and businesses across the country. It has a variety of features that make it a popular choice for online notarization, including multiple signing options, expanded tagging, document content editing, and end-to-end transactional transparency. The platform also has SOC 2 certification, which ensures that it meets the highest security standards.

Clear Sign

Clear Sign is an online notary service that allows you to connect remotely with a licensed notary through video chat. The notary will verify your identity, witness your signature, and assist as needed. The process is simple and secure. Using the mobile app, simply take a picture of your government-issued ID and answer a few questions through a multi-step verification process. Then, select a notary and schedule an appointment. Notarization is crucial for some legal proceedings and documents. Contracts and other agreements often contain acknowledgement or affirmation language that requires a notary to witness the signature. It is also common for property deeds and bills of sale to require a notary to be present.

A notary’s commission is filed with the county clerk in their county of residence. Once approved, a notary receives an identification card with their commission information and signature. The notary must keep an exemplar of this certificate in order to use it for their notarizations. A notary’s exemplar must include the seal, notary name, and commission expiration date. Additionally, it must have an image of the notary’s official signature. It must also contain the notary’s signature in blue ink and be signed on the bottom edge with an appointment date. The exemplar must be submitted to the notary’s county clerk as proof that the notary is commissioned to perform notarizations.

PandaDoc Notary

PandaDoc Notary is an online notary service that allows document signers and commissioned notaries to connect remotely through audio-visual technology. The session takes place in the user’s browser and both the audio-visual recording and the signed document are stored in a tamper-proof record. This allows for faster and more convenient signatures and notarizations. In addition, it ensures that all notary transactions comply with state regulations. The platform uses identification verification technology to verify government-issued photo IDs and passports. It is also able to capture a digital signature and record it with the notary’s stamp. It supports a variety of documents and states, including New York. In addition, it can auto-generate stamps for more than 20 states. It is an excellent option for notaries who want to provide their clients with a more complete and secure document signing experience.

Unlike Notarize, PandaDoc Notary has an intuitive user interface and offers free trials. This makes it easier for borrowers to evaluate the service and determine if it is right for them. It also offers a range of features, including e-signature integration and document storage. It has a robust compliance program and is backed by the renowned security company Secure Insight. This allows them to perform extensive background checks on notaries and escrow agents. It also provides a number of free tools to help document signers avoid fraudulent activity and reduce their risk.


Get personal and professional documents notarized remotely online 24/7 with a video session that includes ID verification and a digital signature. OneNotary offers a single notarization for $25, but you can also purchase a plan starting at $57 per month.