GamesPalworld Ring of Mercy: How To Craft, Buy, and Use

Palworld Ring of Mercy: How To Craft, Buy, and Use

Palworld dropped its biggest update yet on Steam and it’ll only be a matter of time before these updates reach the consoles of Palworld Xbox players. One of the most useful additions they included is the ability to not instantly kill enemies using the Palworld Ring of Mercy, an item you’ll definitely need when trying to catch a wild Pal.

As of this moment, this Palworld Xbox update isn’t live yet, but it’s good to know about this item beforehand so you can prepare the resources, materials, and level requirements needed to craft it. And if you haven’t joined the Palworld fam yet, grab a cheap Xbox gift cards and buy the game for you and your pal!

Without further ado, here’s how to craft, buy, and use the new Palworld Ring of Mercy item!

What Is the Ring of Mercy in Palworld?

Palworld’s Ring of Mercy is one of the newest Palworld items included in the game’s recent update. It is a craftable and equipable item that stops you from completely depleting your target’s HP and killing them.

Basically, it works just the same as the new passive skill Mercy Hit where you cannot reduce your target’s HP below 1, no matter how strong your attacks are. This is very useful when you’re trying to catch a particular Pal because you won’t accidentally kill them while doing so.

How to Craft Ring of Mercy in Palworld?

There are a few certain requirements you’ll need to meet before you can actually craft a Palworld Ring of Mercy.

Reach Level 19: You need to be Level 19 for the Ring of Mercy recipe to be available to you. You can gain experience by fighting and catching Pals or doing dungeons. If you’re a Palworld Xbox player and haven’t reached Level 19, you’ve got time to level up!

Unlock the recipe with 2 Ancient Tech Points: The Ring of Mercy recipe will cost you some points, so make sure you have some to spare. You earn Ancient Technology Points by leveling up (which goes hand-in-hand with the previous step) or by picking up Technology Manuals.

Gather materials: To craft the Ring of Mercy, you’ll need 30 x Ingots, 20 x Paldium Fragments, and 5 x Ancient Civilization Parts. You get ingots from refining ores and Paldium Fragments from mining grey rocks. Ancient Civilization Parts are dropped by Alpha Pals and Dungeon Bosses. Show them who’s the alpha boss, pal!

Craft in a High-Quality Workbench: Got your recipe and materials? Good. Go to a workbench and get to work!

How to Buy Palworld Ring of Mercy

If crafting is too much work, you can buy the Ring of Mercy from one of the Wandering Merchants scattered in the world of Palworld. But it’ll cost you 30,000 Gold, so make sure you have the money for it beforehand. Xbox players, you better grind for gold!

How to Use Palworld Ring of Mercy

After crafting or buying, your Ring of Mercy should now be in your inventory ready to be equipped. It’ll only need one accessory slot, so equip that bad boy and go to town without the worry of killing Pals!

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