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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring


The modern jewelry market with its abundance of various diamond rings can impress and even overwhelm anyone when you don’t even know where to begin. On the one hand, a choice is always a good thing because you can get something you really like and need. On the other hand, the endless rows of shiny jewelry can make choosing a painful and complicated process. The task may seem even harder when you try to pick an engagement ring, a very important piece that will hopefully sit on your loved one’s hand forever. Celebrate their union with timeless elegance—consider personalized items like custom-engraved glassware, artisanal home decor, or a cherished piece of artwork. Thoughtful wedding gifts for couples, imbued with love, create lasting memories for the newlyweds on their special day.

To set you on the right path and to help you hunt down a truly excellent diamond ring (preferably not for all the money of the world), we offer you a guide on the essential points to consider for your purchase. Follow it and you’ll find a ring worthy of your amazing sweetheart.

Her Ring Size and Preferences in Jewelry

Since you are looking for a special ring to give to a very special person in your life, the first point is what she likes in terms of jewelry and what her ring size is. It matters because first, when you propose, you want to slip the ring effortlessly on her finger and start celebrating instead of sending the ring back to be resized, and second, because some designs just cannot be resized and need to fit well from the start.

Her preferred style matters because the ring should match her jewelry collection and be comfortable for her to wear. Even a very beautiful ring with a cool stone won’t make her thrilled if it does not fit her wardrobe and lifestyle.  An engagement ring should be worn daily, not to be tucked away in the corner of her jewelry box.

To know her ring size and preferred style, take a peek at her jewelry collection or ask people who know her well. Or better yet, choose or design a ring together.

Choosing a Diamond: What You Should Know

A diamond ring is a jewelry staple that works practically for everyone, and there is a diamond shape and price for all shoppers. It’s not necessary to pay a fortune for a ring to look great. A smart setting or a dainty style can help even a modest stone to look gorgeous and enviable.

Deciding on the stone size and shape is very important because it impacts the overall ring cost and because it can enhance or diminish the beauty of your girlfriend’s hand. Bigger stones are nice for bigger hands, while dainty rings work wonders for smaller hands with slim fingers.

Another crucial point is that a certain stone shape can make fingers look longer or give them a more pronounced sculptural shape if wanted. Vertically stretched shapes like marquise, emerald, pear, and rectangular cushions elongate fingers and make them seem slender. Round, square, and princess shapes are excellent for fingers that are thin and need a bit of enhancing.

Also inquire about the 4Cs (color, clarity, cut, and carats) of the stone that caught your eye. It will help you to understand if the price is fair for the stone and if you can settle safely for this option.

Metal is Important

When you have a clear idea of the stone, you can decide on the metal. The rule is the same: take notice of what she wears mostly and go for it.

If her jewelry collection is a mix-and-match, here are a few tips. The modern classic is white metal (gold or platinum) and diamonds. The look is cool, sleek, and it makes the stone stand out.

Gold and diamonds are a timeless classic, the combination was fashionable decades ago and it preserves its popularity today. In gold, diamonds look softer and more reserved; besides, even diamonds with a slight yellowish tint will look flawless with this metal. Remember that gold can be rose or yellow and choose with regard to what prevails in your girlfriend’s collection.

All-In-One: The Ring Style

Finally, when you have all other boxes ticked, you can see how all information comes together to describe a specific ring style that you can settle on (or customize with help of a trusted jeweler).

Solitaire: this style is the most universal, with a single stone put in the middle of the band. The band is usually thin so as not to outshine the stone and a stone can be of any shape you like.

Three-stone ring: the next in line of classic designs. The central stone is usually bigger and the side ones smaller, thus creating a graduated transition from center to sides. A band can be thicker or thinner, depending on your taste.

Halo: a moderately-sized diamond gets nicely enhanced in shine and looks when set into a halo of small stones. Such rings resemble lakes of sparkles and attract attention immediately. Besides, a halo follows the shape of the stone and makes it look more pronounced.

Cluster: a cluster of diamonds does not have a bigger center stone and can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. In this style, a band plays a more prominent role and you can experiment with ornamentation, split bands, and width.  

Minimalist style: for those who prefer the ring to be very slim and paired back. A fine band with just a sprinkle of small diamonds is great for stacking, light in weight, and convenient for daily wear.  

Vintage and antique styles: Art Déco, Celtic, Victorian, and other fancy types of rings usually have inventive curvy or angular designs and feature intricate details. They are glorious by themselves and will never go unnoticed on your loved one’s hand.

A Few Final Tips from Pro Jewelers

There are many ring style subtypes that slightly depart from the ones we mentioned above, but essentially it all boils down to these main designs. With this list in hand, you can proceed to choose a ring that will compliment your loved one’s hand and remind her of your love.

But what to do if you still cannot decide or the ring you want does not exist? Then you should get a custom ring from a reputable jeweler who can advise you on the matter and follow your instructions to the letter.

You can always buy dainty diamond engagement rings crafted by YourAsteria with attention to all details and nuances you mention. A tailored engagement ring is often a good idea because it is unique and it is made specifically for the person you’ll give it to.

A ring should bring joy to a wearer, and we see it as our point of pride to create rings that do just that, speaking volumes about your affection.