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Top-Rated Kitchen Appliances to Add to your Kitchen Renovation Project

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, you probably have a budget in mind, an amount of money you are prepared to invest to transform the kitchen from what it currently is to the vision you have. Regardless of design or style, you will need essential (and non-essential) appliances and, In this article, we offer a list of top-rated kitchen appliances that should be in every Australian kitchen.

  • Coffee machine – Most Aussies prefer coffee to tea at breakfast and if you are a coffee addict, this is a must-have machine. Choose a known brand that has the features you need and you and your family have freshly brewed coffee on tap.
  • Food processor – The top brand Kitchenaid have all the solutions, with attachments to carry out a range of tasks from fruit smoothies to slicing tomatoes. Ask any seasoned chef to name the most important appliance in the kitchen and most will choose a multi-purpose food processor, due to the many tasks it can perform. Whether making an omelette or preparing a fruit smoothie, a state-of-the-art blender/processor is a very versatile appliance and choosing a top brand is a smart move.
  • Dishwasher – Nobody wants to spend their downtime washing dishes, which is why we invest in a good quality dishwasher; simply load it up and consider it done! Start by browsing online suppliers, reading reviews and comparing prices and when you’re ready, place an order. Once you have had a dishwasher for a few weeks, you could never go back to life before; festivals like Xmas demand a lot of work in the kitchen and that’s when a dishwasher comes into its own.
  • Ice-maker – Some hi-end fridges have an automatic ice dispenser, yet you can buy standalone ice makers, which is perfect for parties; if you love to entertain, you need an endless supply of cube ice.
  • Bread making machine – If you love the aroma of freshly baked bread in the morning, this is the machine for you. Simply put all the ingredients in, set the timer and your fresh bread is ready for the toaster. Those who eat a lot of bread have so many options when using a bread-making machine, there are different recipes and you can order the ingredients online.
  • Toaster – A pop-up toaster has a place in every kitchen; eating boiled eggs with toast soldiers is a habit many adults can’t break. The online supplier has the best brands at the lowest prices. Choose a contrasting colour to add some depth to look of your kitchen and remember to clean the interior tray.
  • Hot water heater – If you want to have access to boiling water, a kettle is the answer. It switches itself off when it boils and top brands use minimal energy.

The best place to buy kitchen appliances is online, where you can save as much as 40% on the recommended retail price. Stick to known brands and the appliance will always be ready to work.