GamesVarieties of Video Games in India

Varieties of Video Games in India

Video games are an interesting interactive entertainment, in which you can participate either alone or in the company of other players. Today, many developers combine different genres in their games in order to arouse the interest of gamers. There are different types of video games that can be bet on at Parimatch India.

Main Categories of Video Games

All video games can be divided into 3 groups. The first one is dynamic games. They are optimal for those who have a good reaction, strong nerves. Such video games practically do not require thinking.

There are also planning games. They are more suitable for calm players who like to think, make decisions, plan their own actions. In such video games it is necessary to anticipate not only your own, but also enemy actions, to assess the risks.

In a separate category can be distinguished story games. They give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a parallel world, providing an interesting story, try on the role of a certain character.

Genres of Computer Games

There are more than 20 genres of video games. Below are the most popular ones.


In such games you need to move forward, shooting at the enemies that get in the way. The gameplay is characterised by dynamism – the slightest delay can lead to the death of the hero. Among the popular shooters in India we can mention:

  • Call of Duty;
  • House of the Dead;
  • Battlefield.

Many shooters are cyber sports disciplines that can be bet on at Parimatch. This applies to Call of Duty, Counter-Strike 2.


This genre is considered to be one of the oldest. The peculiarity of arcades is the simplest control. Arcade games are divided into several subtypes:

  • A scroller is an arcade game with linear levels that are played left/right. A striking example of arcade games is Golden Axe.
  • Room – the gamer must complete a mission in a confined space, after which a door will be opened, allowing you to move to a new level. One of the examples of such arcades is Digger.
  • Shooting gallery – the player just needs to shoot at targets.

Today, there are many arcade games that combine different genres. Such video games provide a simple basis, complex additional elements.


Such video games are dedicated to fighting. There are fighting games dedicated to both real-life martial arts and fantasy ones. For example, there are games where you can participate in competitions on:

  • Boxing;
  • Kickboxing;
  • Struggle.

Fantasy fighting games include Guilty Gear, Street Fighter.


Fast reaction is no less important in strategies than in shooters. Distracted, the player will lose control over the situation and lose. At the same time, the gamer needs to plan his actions, quickly assess the situation. Gameplay can be divided into 2 parts: building a base, battles. Many RTS are related to cyber sports. For example, you can make cyber sports bets on StarCraft 2, WarCraft III.

Tactical Video Game

This genre is similar to other strategies, but you need to manage not entire armies, but several soldiers. Each of them provides personal characteristics, their own uniforms. You can develop fighters in the course of the game.


Such games are characterised by a well-developed storyline, freedom of action. In addition, they have elements of battles, planning. RPGs attract tactics, interesting battles. In addition to the storyline, of great importance is playing a role. The gamer can play a wizard, a hand-to-hand fighter, a knave. Many RPGs have a reputation system.

MMORPG can be separately noted. Such games differ from the usual RPGs in that they are multiplayer. The player can live a whole life in the virtual world together with other gamers.

Casual Game

These types of video games are often referred to as logic games. They are intended for those players who appreciate simple gameplay. Anyone who has never played video games before can successfully master them. An excellent example is Zuma, where you need to shoot from a cannon to make combinations of one-coloured balls, removing them from the screen.


Such video games are characterised by scary, frightening moments. The player’s goal is to avoid opponents, survive, leave the danger zone. In the best representatives of the genre, you can not kill monsters at all. From them you need to either run away or hide. There are also such horror games, where the main emphasis is on killing enemies. In India, such representatives of the genre as Resident Evil, Outlast are popular.


Such games involve a balance between active actions and thinking. There are actions where you need to shoot at everything that gets in the way. In other games you need to prepare the hero, explore the terrain, think about tactics. Many games attract a large number of opponents, dynamic gameplay, beautiful graphics.

The subcategory can be divided into stealth action games. In such video games, if you have to shoot, then only from a gun with a silencer. Most of the game you need to hide from enemies, kill them hand-to-hand, attacking from the back. Stealth action games popular in India include:

  • Thief;
  • Splinter Cell;
  • Dishonoured.

There are both first and third person.


This is the name of two-dimensional video games, where you need to avoid traps, enemies, destroy them. Levels are platforms that are stationary or moving. The gameplay is simple, involves getting points, collecting coins.

The classic example of a platformer is Super Mario Bros. It was with this video game that interactive entertainment became what it is today. Super Mario Bros. put the entertainment function at the centre of the game.

When it comes to cyber sports, most of the disciplines are shooters, strategy, fighting games, MOBA games. You can bet on cyber sports matches and watch broadcasts of exciting competitions by registering and funding your account with Parimatch India