HealthWhey Protein Power as Part of a Body Building Program

Whey Protein Power as Part of a Body Building Program

Whey power is about as close as it comes to a required supplement for those looking to build up muscle and gain a performance edge over their competitors. Not only that this protein powder can enhance overall health and wellness and support a weight loss regime simultaneously. 

So, what is whey powder exactly? 

Whey is nothing new to the human body. It is one of the two proteins found in cow’s milk. The other protein, Casein, accounts for about 80% of the milk protein content. To make the whey protein powder, the compound used in supplements, the whey needs to be isolated and extracted from the milk. First filtered to remove unnecessary fat and carbohydrates the end product is the pure whey protein.     

Are there different types of whey protein?

Yes. There are three different types of whey protein, each one demonstrating a different degree of filtration and processing. Almost like milk itself, the powder varies from the least processed to the most processed resulting in different concentration levels. Whey protein that has been less processed is usually cheaper to buy and vice versa. 

Why Whey Protein Works.

Regardless of the level of filtration whey protein is without doubt an extremely popular protein supplement. A large muscular body of research supports the theory of whey protein powder being a super supplement for stimulating muscle protein synthesis. Indeed, the processes that yield a larger and sturdier muscular frame are enhanced with the consumption of whey protein powder. Whey acts fast on the system and once absorbed amino acids are broken down and absorbed into the bloodstream and in turn to muscle tissue. If and when the consumption of whey protein powder is used regularly alongside a consistent and systematic workout routine ensures the muscle tissues, that are being fed and supported for growth, are in prime condition for further development.      

Protein for Strength and Weight Loss.

One study showcased a male bodybuilder using whey protein supplements see, over a 10-week weight-training program, gains eleven pounds of muscle. Not only is whey protein a super muscle-building compound it is also an excellent supplement for a weight loss routine. One USDA study reported that drinking two whey protein shakes a day for 12 weeks (without exercising) saw a loss of five pounds of body fat, an inch dropped from belly fat, and fat replaced with muscle. For optimum results, whey should be used with regular exercise and weight-lifting regime and a diet program. Prior to weight training consume 10-20 grams of whey protein to increase endurance, provide energy, and facilitate muscle growth. After the workout is complete, another 20-30 grams of whey protein powder should be consumed to enhance muscle recovery and growth.

A Balanced Approach.

Whey protein powder used along with an exercise and weight-lifting program, and as part of a balanced diet including natural fruits, proteins, and grains, will see muscle growth and a healthier body in a matter of weeks.